Facility Rentals

White Rock Community church facilities can be rented for general use (i.e. meeting and rehearsals), weddings or funerals. We, however, require every renter to provide us with a Certificate of Insurance, prior to the event. 

Please add White Rock Community Church Foundation as your second insurer.

Select the type of rental: general use, weddings, funerals - and fill out the Facility Request Form below to apply. 

Please note that our facility cannot be rented on a regular basis.

Rental Forms


    Please contact the office here if you want to use our facility for a Funeral Service. 


    Fill out this form to rent the church for your ceremony, reception or both. Both the sanctuary and Fellowship Hall may be rented. 

    Click here for our wedding rental form.

  • General USE RENTAL

    Fill out this form for a general use rental such as a recital or small concert in our sanctuary or Fellowship Hall in the lower church. 

    Click here for our general use rental form.