NightShift Street Ministries

NightShift Ministries is a Christian multi-denominational front-line street ministry in our community. 

At WRCC we have the opportunity to serve people in need on the second Saturday of every month. 

We invite the homeless into our street church

Shake their hand. 

Make them welcome. 

Serve them supper. 

We listen. 

And serve. 

We have discovered this can have a profound impact on the human heart. 

We provide more than food and shelter for people living on the streets. 

We provide hope. 

And hope is the beginning. 

Through us, people find recovery programs, half-way houses and often the strength to start again.

NightShift is not just a soup-kitchen or band-aid. 

We create change ( 

If you would like more information or to get involved on a regular or casual basis, 

serving in the area of food prep or outreach on the street

please contact WRCC at