NURSERY/Toddlers (0-5 Yrs)

PLACE: Upstairs in the Nursery Room

TIME: Sunday's at 10am


PLACE: Downstairs

TIME: Sunday's at 10am

GRADE 6 - 7

PLACE: Office

TIME: Sunday at 10am

Children's Ministry

We at WRCC Children's Ministry know that there is great importance in helping children and families deepen their relationship with God. Therefore, we provide fun, age appropriate Bible teaching for everyday life, in hopes of reaching this goal. We would love to have you come join us!!

If your child would like to join us for Sunday school and is between the age groups listed above, please have a parent/guardian sign them in before the start of the service in the Fellowship Hall downstairs. 

Grades 6-7 will meet and sign in at the office before the start of the service.  

Parent's Ministry

Family Experiences

Parents! We are very excited to have you join us at White Rock Community Church. We invite you to use our FREE resources available for you. This can be used as a strategy to pass down faith in your homes through a significant Family Experience each year. 

So what do you do now? Just click on each grade here and grab the content available.

Printable Resources

Each grade level is full of resources. Along with the videos, there are printable resources for you to use, customize, and share with your children. Each grade includes a Kickstarter, Parent’s Guide, a Developmental Guide, and its own unique Resource Materials.